THINC-it®: from mood to cognition

Satellite symposium on the occasion of the 30th ECNP Congress

Chair: Raymond Lam (Canada)
Venue: Palais des Congrès de Paris, Paris, France
Room: Bleu
Date: Saturday 2 September 2017



About the session

Session leader


Welcome and introduction

Raymond Lam (Canada)


Functional impairment in patients with major depressive disorder

The impact of cognitive dysfunction on depression, including effects on psychosocial functioning, and the importance of full functional recovery as a goal for treatment. Consideration of the assessment of cognitive dysfunction to optimise functional recovery in depression

Raymond Lam


The validation of THINC-it®

The outcomes of the THINC-it® validation study. THINC-it® is a self-administered, computerised screening tool designed to detect and measure cognitive dysfunction in depression, both objectively and subjectively

Roger McIntyre (Canada)


Cognitive Function and Mood Study: cognitive dimensions in depression and functional correlates

The relationship between cognitive dysfunction and everyday functioning in depression, with evidence from the Adelaide Cognitive Function and Mood Study, the Depression and Cognition Study in Australia and the PERFORM study in Europe

Bernhard Baune (Australia)




Chair’s summary

Raymond Lam

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