A new diagnostic resource for use in depression

THINC-it® for Android

Download for Android

THINC-it® is available in the Google Play store.


Download for Mac OSX

  • Double click the downloaded THINC_it.DMG file to open the THINC_it setup pane.
  • Drag the THINC-it® application file into your applications folder (or other desired location).
  • Double click on the THINC-it icon within chosen location to launch.

THINC-it® for Windows

Download for Windows

  • Double click on the downloaded THINC_it.msi file.
  • Choose desired installation location.
  • Please ensure the target location for installation is on the local machine, not a shared or remote drive.
  • Run from “Start” menu.

The THINC Task Force has developed a simple assessment tool, the objective of which is to help physicians screen for cognitive dysfunction in their patients with depression.

The tool is comprised of the 5-item Perceived Deficits Questionnaire (PDQ-5), in addition to four traditional cognitive assessments which have been reconfigured and gamified for computer-based administration.

The THINC-it® cognitive screening tool is now available for use in the research setting. To download the tool for your own research, click on the ‘Download’ link above.


Read the user guide
Get started with the THINC-it® Tool:

Download the user guide

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